Whether it’s under your feet, wheels, desks or machines; a floor needs to do its job, and do it well.

From a heavy duty, painted concrete screed to an easy-clean, radius-cornered wet-room with built-in drainage, we have a product that’s perfect for the job.

Carpet & Carpet Tiles

Excellent acoustic properties and comfort for office and relaxation environments. We can offer products from a huge range of suppliers, and advice on which products are most suitable in terms of durability, cost and aesthetic.

Laminate Flooring

A great option for office and informal areas. Easy to clean and cost-effective.

Hygiene & Safety Floors

Our wealth of experience in CLEAN ROOM construction and refurbishment means we are experts in hardwearing, easy to clean, anti-slip floor systems. We offer several solutions, ranging from a heavy-duty 5-part application to more traditional lino-type products.

Screed and Floor Paint

For manufacturing and warehouse environments, we can advise on the ideal finish for a practical surface with maximum longevity.

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